Time for ministers to make up their minds as climate talks enter final days

It’s make-your-mind-up time for ministers at the Cancun climate talks, who should start choosing between the options laid out so clearly for them by officials, Christian Aid says today at the start of the ‘high level’ part of the negotiations.
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Your Daily Guide to COP 16 #7

What you can do today Send your message to world leaders! Visit the Time for Climate Justice stand …
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Sombre mood in Cancun

A Mexican band play music from a stage while people sit around sipping beer and eating nachos in the sunshine. Sound like a music festival? A nice way to while away a Caribbean holiday?

Think again. This, believe it or not, is the scene directly outside from where I am sitting, in the epicentre of the UN climate negotiations.
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We love Kyoto

By Sarah Whittington, Christian Aid I arrived in Cancun last night, and the clear message from the first …
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Your daily guide to COP16 #6

Will the Ghost of Copenhagen disappear? This weekend contained two important meetings bringing us closer to an understanding …
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