Climate finance agreement crucial for building trust

Despite initial expectations that the one clear thing the UNFCCC could deliver this year would be agreement on climate finance, political progress has been slow here in Cancun.
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Climate Talks – Progress or a Hamster Wheel?

The pace is accelerating here in Cancun, although I find it hard to know whether the talks are moving forward or merely on some frantic hamster-wheel going nowhere.
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Your daily guide to COP16 #8

Maybe it is the weather? Maybe it is due to the efforts of the negotiators and the COP presidency? Compared to last year, COP16 offers a warmer atmosphere and more positive tone. However, we are still waiting for some concrete action that can move negotiations forward and take them to the level needed to create a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement.
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Taking to the streets

Yesterday we left the negotiation halls and the Zona Hotelera behind and headed into Cancun city for the …
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Time for ministers to make up their minds as climate talks enter final days

It’s make-your-mind-up time for ministers at the Cancun climate talks, who should start choosing between the options laid out so clearly for them by officials, Christian Aid says today at the start of the ‘high level’ part of the negotiations.
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