Act Alliance

ACT is an alliance of 100+ churches and church-related organisations that work together in humanitarian assistance and development.

The alliance works in 140 countries and mobilises US$1.6 billion annually in its work for a just world.

The alliance has over 31,000 people working for it globally.

Our activities

We focus our work on three core areas: respondiong to emergencies, leading development projects to help the world’s poorest people, and campaigning to decision-makers to make changes that will improve the lives of the poor.


In almost any emergency, one or more ACT members were already working in the community before the international press came and will be there long after they have left. ACT members start the emergency response on the day of the disaster, providing life-saving food, shelter, water and sanitation. ACT coordinates fundraising allowing alliance members around the world support disaster response.


The ACT Alliance supports long-term development in the poorest areas of the world. At the core of its development work are: ensuring everyone takes part in development, building up communities, giving equal voice to men and women, being aware of cultural and spiritual differences, putting human rights first, and considering the environment.


As well as doing the work on the ground, ACT speaks up. In advocacy matters, ACT members know what they are talking about because they see suffering and injustice daily. Lasting change for millions of the world’s poorest people lies in the hands of local, national and international decision-makers. In all its work, ACT campaigns to bring about this change. ACT is deeply involved in changing the result of the world leaders’ decisions on the ground.

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