Doha Climate Talks – a better way forward

In late November 2012, world governments will meet in Doha, Qatar for the UN Climate Change Conference to firm up the outcomes of the Durban conference (COP17) held in 2011. The intentions are:

  1. To finalise and adopt a meaningful and effective second commitment of the  Kyoto Protocol,
  2. To address the outstanding issues under the Convention track in accordance with the 2007 ‘Bali mandate’.
  3. To set the negotiations under the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP) on a firm footing, with a view to adopting a new legally-binding agreement by 2015.

We see 2012 as an important year in which to advance and complete the work of the last seven. It believes that the highest possible ambition is needed by participating countries in order to avoid dangerous climate change in the near-term, and that a scientifically-responsive, responsible, rules-based climate system must be preserved to build a strong foundation for the future new agreement. Read the full briefing at

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